We are a family run fresh flower farm dedicated to providing the highest quality flowers, produce, and eggs - grown naturally and locally.

Our bouquets and vegetables are available at local shops, on our roadside farm stand and at select community farmers markets.

Special order bulk flowers will be available to florists.

We carefully select each stem to ensure that our bouquets are fresh, beautiful and long lasting. Grown with improvement to the ecosystem in mind, we are dedicated to making sure that the land, animals and plants that grow on our farm are well cared for, happy and healthy.


Our mission is to cultivate joy by bringing the beauty of nature into people’s lives through locally grown beautiful flowers and responsibly grown fresh produce.

Beautiful flowers create smiles and brighten everyone’s day. We want to share that with our customers.

We believe caring about our community and land has the power to bring joy and happiness into the world.

Sustainability Practices

Small Changes Create Big Transformations

“According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 80 percent of all flowers sold in the U.S. are imported, primarily from South American industrial flower farms that have a history of using harsh chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and unfair labor practices.

At the U.S. border, flowers must be fumigated to clear customs.”


However small the changes may seem, offering an alternative of local, sustainably grown flowers can have a transformative effect on both environmental and economic sustainability. As a family operated farm, we are working along side many small flower farmers in the U.S. to offer chemical-free bouquets and healthy ultra-fresh local flowers grown for fragrance and beauty.

We practice regenerative agriculture whenever possible to reduce waste and erosion, limit transportation, improve soil health, conserve water and grow our products without harsh chemicals.

Market Flowers Coming Soon!


As the farm begins to bloom this season, we hope to have an abundance of different flowers available for beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

Stay tuned for locations and availability.



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2527 Carlisle Highway

Charlotte, Michigan 48813

Phone Number

(517) 605-3664